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We are a modern dental clinic located in the center of Copenhagen. We prioritize the personal relationship, ethics, professional expertise and individual treatments. In a time, where many focus on discount and quantity, we want to be different, thus, we always strive to deliver the best quality and experience for you.

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Dental Clinic in Copenhagen by Kongens Nytorv

High quality at fair prices at dentist in Copenhagen K

At ADENTA Dental Clinic in Copenhagen K, we are determined to offer you the best quality.
Dental health and discount are in our opinion not compatible. We wish that your result turns
out as great as possible, and our dental prosthesis, implants etc always resemble real teeth and
not restorations.

We believe that everyone must be offered an individual treatment without compromising with
quality, simply because your wellbeing, your joy of life and your health are the most important

That does not mean, that our prices are not affordable. Our years of experience in dental care
make us capable delivering pure quality at competitive prices. Choose Adenta as your personal
dentist in Copenhagen, when you want the best quality at fair prices.

Dentist in Copenhagen focusing on you

Your own teeth – your entire life. That is our philosophy. However, we are also aware that this is not reality for everyone. That is way we recommend, that you choose us to recreate your smile.

We are determined to give you a professional and attentive treatment. Yet, if there is anything, you wish to be altered, we encourage you to talk to us, so we can adjust according to your needs and wants.

Dental anxiety – dentist in Copenhagen

Do you suffer from dental anxiety? Then you are not alone. Actually, approximately 40 percent of all Danes experience discomfort by the thought of a nearing dental appointment. Many end up ignoring their dental appointments and some only visits the dentist. when the toothaches
are too painful to live with.

At ADENTA Dental Clinic in Copenhagen we have solid experience helping our customers with dental anxiety. Many are afraid of the pain or of losing control and overview over, what will happen. We guide you through the entire process and explains during your treatment, what we do and why. And then we have a philosophy, that a visit to the dentist must not be painful. With
modern technology it is possible to treat your teeth with use of optimal anesthesia.
We encourage you to talk to us about your discomforts. Only so, can we make sure to create safe and comfortable surroundings for you. Please contact us by calling the clinic. Together we can create a good experience at the dentist, so you can walk away with a smile on your face.

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