Julie Erica Schlosser

Dentist / DDS

Educated from Aarhus Dental School in 2000. A member of DSOI, SAED, DSTMK. Founder and active member of Esthetic Group, Denmark. Speaker and mentor for younger female dentists.
Julie’s interest for her profession is mainly focused on the esthetic, thus she puts a great deal in the details of the treatments, whether or not it is the regular dental examination or the more complex reconstruction.
At times you may find it hard to get an appointment by Julie, since she in periods performs surgeries on other clinics. In 2012/13 she spend most of her travel time in Norway, where she
was used as an external dentist and performed extensive and complex treatments in the category “Total make overs”. From 2014 Julie has been associated with a clinic in Germany, where she performs implant surgeries.
Privately Julie is married to Simon, and together they have 3 active sons, who all like their father, love football.However, Julie will never be able to explain you the offside rule. Despite
running after her boys, she also enjoys regular jocking.

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