Lisbet Andersen

Dental nurse

Educated as a dental nurse in a large clinic on Funen in 2985. Since then Lisbet has worked on multiple clinics. She has been employed with ADENTA since 2009, and you will often find her
by your side, when you are treated by Julie.
Lisbet is born with two hearts. And her extra heart is dedicated to patients with dental anxiety.
Lisbet has a unique ability to make even the most anxious people relax, as she kindly and thoroughly guides them through the visit.
She is an active team player by the chair, because of her many years of experience. She can assist in all kinds of treatments, but her heart goes out to those of you, who do not enjoy the
thought of having to spend time in a dental chair.
Every monday, when she is not caring for the patients in the chair, she activates the elderly in the local gymnastics association. She has been trained to be a gymnastic instructor, and the
retired people enjoy that once a week.
Privately Lisbeth is married to Kjeld, and they have been so in many, many years. Kjeld is often travelling, since he helps butcheries all over the world doing they work more efficient and
correctly. Together they have to wonderful kids, Ditte and Nick, who have both left home a long time ago.

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