Prices and financing

Denti offers you a favorable and safe dental loan.
• Loan up to 7,000 DKK. Repay the loan within 6 months without interests. Establishment fee is only 399 DKK.
• Loan up to 50,000 DKK with a fixed low interest on 9,95%. The establishment fee is 5% of the total loan.

You can read more on Denti’s website

On this page you can read more about our prices and reimbursements. Please notice, that the prices and reimbursements can vary from patient to patient. You are more than welcome to contact us for a specific price.

ConsultationsPriceReimbursement 5Reimbursement 2Reimbursement 1
Examination, X-ray and treatment plan675,17 DKK138 DKK138 DKK138 DKK
X-ray150,05 DKK68 DKK68 DKK68 DKK
Panoramic x-ray1075 DKK275 DKK275 DKK275 DKK
Consultation with no treatment301 DKK0 DKK0 DKK0 DKK
Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and BridgesPriceReimbursement 5Reimbursement 2Reimbursement 1
Bridges 3-led (Produced in Denmark)22640 DKK0 DKK3600-6300 DKK*3600-6300 DKK*
Facade (per tooth)7026 DKK310 DKK1100-2100 DKK*1100-2100 DKK*
MK-crown7495 DKK310 DKK1100-2100 DKK*1100-2100 DKK*
Gold crown after weight typical8455 DKK310 DKK1100-2100 DKK*1100-2100 DKK*
Full ceramic crown E-max Luxury8103 DKK310 DKK1100-2100 DKK*1100-2100 DKK*

ImplantsPriceReimbursement 5Reimbursement 2Reimbursement 1
First implant Straumann/Nobel Biocarefrom 10379 DKK1300-2025 DKK*3500 - 3999,50 DKK*3500 - 3999,50 DKK*
First implant with crown all inclusive Straumann/Nobel Biocarefrom 21100 DKK2043-3218 DKK*5468-6897,50 DKK*5468-6897,50 DKK*
Abutment original componentsfrom 4093 DKK300-525 DKK*625-1100 DKK*625-1100 DKK*
Bone rebuildfrom 2000 DKK800 DKK800 DKK800 DKK
Sinuslift, lateral window technicfrom 5500 DKK800 DKK800 DKK800 DKK
Implant crown, full ceramicfrom 5157 DKK300 DKK1200-2100 DKK*1200-2100 DKK*
Membran treatmentfrom 1500 DKK800 DKK800 DKK800 DKK
Ordinary treatments

Ordinary treatmentsPriceReimbursement 5Reimbursement 2Reimbursement 1
Plastic denture 1 surface (premolar)1055 DKK310 DKK310 DKK310 DKK
Plastic denture 2 surfaces (premolar)1443 DKK310 DKK310 DKK310 DKK
Plastic denture 1 surface (molar) 1086 DKK310 DKK310 DKK310 DKK
Plastic denture 2 surfaces (molar)1582 DKK310 DKK310 DKK310 DKK
Root canal treatment in 1 canal1755 DKK250 DKK250 DKK250 DKK
Root canal treatment in 2 canals2666 DKK500 DKK500 DKK500 DKK
Root canal treatment in 3 canals3577 DKK750 DKK750 DKK750 DKK
Retrograde root filling / root sectionfrom 3200 DKK1025 DKK1025 DKK1025 DKK
Fiber pin741 DKK0 DKK100 DKK100 DKK
Plastic reconstruction under crownfrom 650 DKK325 DKK325 DKK325 DKK
Simpel extraction331,02 DKK150 DKK150 DKK150 DKK
Surgical extraction of wisdom toothfrom 1120-3500 DKK800 DKK800 DKK800 DKK
General dental care
General dental carePriceReimbursement 5Reimbursement 2Reimbursement 1
Teeth whitening, incl. whitening tray and bleaching gel (home kit)2700 DKK0 DKK0 DKK0 DKK
Whitening at the clinic3708 DKK0 DKK0 DKK0 DKK
Examination and dental cleaningfrom 369,98 DKK175 DKK175 DKK175 DKK
Scaling and root planing106,42 DKK55 DKK55 DKK55 DKK
Periodontal treatment (examination, periodontal treatment and five root planings)978,17 DKK420 DKK420 DKK420 DKK
Local anasthetics345 DKK75 DKK75 DKK75 DKK
Bite function

Bite functionPriceReimbursement 5Reimbursement 2Reimbursement 1
Bite function, incl. initial examination465 DKK60 DKK60 DKK60 DKK
Bite function, additional examination976 DKK219 DKK219 DKK219 DKK
Bite abrasion, initial373 DKK30 DKK30 DKK30 DKK
Bite abrasion, general888 DKK225 DKK225 DKK225 DKK
NTI-tss bite stop420 DKK210 DKK210 DKK210 DK
BEE-splint1800 DKK495 DKK495 DKK495 DKK
Full coverage splint incl. 10 x abrasions6000 DKK495 DKK495 DKK495 DKK
Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatmentPriceReimbursement 5Reimbursement 2Reimbursement 1
Litewire: one jawfrom 18000 DKK1475 DKK1475 DKK1475 DKK
Litewire: two jawsfrom 30000 DKK2950 DKK2950 DKK2950 DKK
Invisalign: one jaw25000 DKK675 DKK675 DKK675 DKK
Invisalign 2 jaws27000 DKK1350 DKK1350 DKK1350 DKK
Clear Alignerfrom 1200 DKK---
Retainer2500 DKK0 DKK900 DKK900 DKK

Prosthesis (Produced in Denmark)PriceReimbursement 5Reimbursement 2Reimbursement 1
Complete prosthesis9381 DKK0 DKK1200-2100 DKK*1200-2100 DKK*
Complete prosthesis set16743 DKK0 DKK2400-4200 DKK*2400-4200 DKK*
Unitor / skeleton prosthesis13770 DKK0 DKK1300-2275 DKK*1300-2275 DKK*
Mechanical look prosthesis on two implants40000 DKK0 DKK2200-3175 DKK*2200-3175 DKK*
Mechanical look prosthesis on four implants55000 DKK0 DKK4000-4875 DKK*4000-4875 DKK*
Retainer incl. fitting1800 DKK0 DKK900 DKK900 DKK
Temporary prosthesisfrom 2500 DKK0 DKK750-1250 DKK*750-1250 DKK*
Soft night guard, incl. check2650 DKK495 DKK495 DKK495 DKK
Hard night guard, incl.3614 DKK495 DKK495 DKK495 DKK


Every dentist is submissive to the Danish healthcare agreement, which dictates the prices on some treatments. That means, whether you are examined in Jutland or in Copenhagen, the price on a number of dental examinations will be the same.
The agreement is negotiated by the Danish Dentist Association twice a year, thus the prices is adjusted April 1st and October 1st every year

Are you prevented from attending your booked appointments, please cancel no later than 2 days prior to your appointment.
In case of illness on the of your emergency, please cancel as early in the day as possible.
No-shows and late cancellations will be charged according to current agreement.